Espichel Cape

Activity: Jeep and Trail

Price: €25 (per person)

Duration: 3 hours (morning)

Level: Low/Medium

Meet Point: To define

Include: Guided by Sesimbra Safari Team, Jeep and Insurance

Note:  Childrens up to 12 years, 50% discount


Booking:  Must be made until the day before the tour.


Santuario do Cabo Espichel
Santuario do Cabo Espichel

Ermida da Memória
Ermida da Memória

Santuario do Cabo Espichel
Santuario do Cabo Espichel


This route aims to explore the Sanctuary of Espichel Cape, with a visit to the Church of Our Lady of the Espichel Cape, wich has an historical and religious greatness the we will have.

Following, an amazing contact between the land and the Sea. Ready for surprise?

We will visit the Ichnofossis Reservoirs that constitute an important set of paleontological occurrences of Portugal.

At last, we will to prove regional pleasures.

The shoes should be practical/sporty, we recommend comfortable clothing and a small food reinforcement.

Do not forget the camera.