Lord Jesus of Chagas

The Legend

The legend

In Sesimbra the legend of Lord Jesus of Chagas occurs in the middle of the sixteenth century, with the appearance of the image of Jesus Christ on the beach.

The fishermen felt protected and since then proclaimed Lord Jesus of Chagas as their patron.

Every year the party of Lord Jesus of Chagas is celebrated from April 24th to May 5th. The procession takes place every May 4th with everybody out at streets of Sesimbra.



Our Lady of Espichel Cape

The Oldest

The procession takes place in the last weekend of September, and it is considered the oldest party of the Village.

The party offers lots of excitement with dances.

In the time of the Monarchy, the royal family attended annually for the festivities.

Art of Chincha

Millennial Fishing

The traditional millenarian fishing called Art of Xávega is a type of fishing in which the net, is fixed to a cabble on the sand and then it is taken to the sea by a boat. Trough a circular movement it makes the net to be exteriors somo several meters of the coast, returning to the beach with the other cable.

This tradition takes place in the Bay of Sesimbra and Meco´s Beach, attracting many tourists who help pull the nets.

The fishermen as a form of thanks, offer the well-deserved "share" of the fishery.