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Portuguese Village in the District of Setúbal


This friendly Blue Coast Village form, we will step forward to the discovery of a sublime landscape that includes the natural park of Arrábida Mountain, Cabo Espichel or the surrounding lagoa de Albufeira. Inhabited from the period of the Chalcolithic in 3000 BC, it was during the reign of D. Dinis that was created and designated the fishery village of Póvoa de Ribeira de Sesimbra. To illustrate the rich history of this Village, we can highlight the Castle of Sesimbra, the Fortress of Santiago, the archaeological station of Lapa of Fumo or the Church of Our Lady of the Cabo Espichel. Sesimbra is also strategically surrounded by fantastic beaches, some of which, well-kept secrets that we will to you.

Arrábida Mountain

Located in a north of the banks of the Sado River estuary, the Arrábida Mountain has its highest point at 501 meters. The flora is in Mediterranean species, which you may discover and see closely with us. This Natural Park, founded in 1976, has a microclimate very similar to the Adriatic regions and has an area of 10800 hectares. The Convent of Our Lady of Arrábida - Franciscan retreat - is another attraction in the southern part of the Mountain in front of the Sea.


Scents of the land and the Flavors of the Sea. Sesimbra has an intense relationship with the sea and enrich our gastronomy with the fish flavor, shellfish and fresh seafood. The Caldeirada of Sesimbra, Seafood Dish, Octopus Rice, Espadarte Steaks or Grilled Fish in the Coal are in the visitors' preference. Sweets are evident in the Broas de Alfarim, Fogaça, Toasted Flour and the Zimbros. These are well-kept mysteries that have crossed generations with passion. Final and not less important addition; the Homemade Bread, the Cheese of the Azoia and the Apple Camoesa.

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