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Our passion for Sesimbra was the very reason for creating the project Sesimbra Safari in June 2014.
It is a touristic entertainment company with the purpose of providing some unique and special tours around the mountains and the sea in the Arrábida Natural Park.

We are a dynamic team that offers quite a few relaxing and fun moments in an unique and rare beautiful environment.
We offer a distinguished service with both quality and safety in our activities, providing some symbolic value experiences through the interaction with Nature.​


Sharing well-kept secrets of our land in the best Nature. Invest in the quality of the walks through the Natural Park of Arrábida, Sesimbra and Cabo Espichel. Reveal idyllic places in this natural paradise. Provide all families and nature lovers, hours of well-being and comfort with means and adapted mobility access. Constant search for the best natural perspective that we can provide, join you in full with our Fauna and Flora between the Sea and the Mountain.


Create a differentiated offer in the context of Nature Tourism. Through knowledge, exploration of information and a dedicated guidance to our Guests from the first to the last minute. Ensuring the best price quality in the sector of adventure tourism in the area of Sesimbra.


The passion and respect for Nature. The dedication and commitment that we give to the best of adventures for the best of adventurers, you. Promote well-being to the entire Value chain involved, all of us, lovers. Innovate in excellence in everything we do so that it may reach us and to promote the best return, Saudade.

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